Strong brands make more money.

I help you create that powerful brand.


What is a brand?

A brand is not your product or service. A brand is not your logo. A logo is a part of your brand the same way your leg is a part of your body.

A brand is what you stand for - what you and your company as a whole believe in. It’s a promise to your customer - your reputation - the way you make your customer feel. A brand provides a reason, aside from price, for a customer to choose your product or service over another. We help you define and shape your brand and messaging so the right customer chooses you.

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Hey, I’m Shelby!

I am passionate about helping businesses build their legacy through beautiful, impactful branding.

I specialize in logo design, branding, and hand lettered identity marks. My services also include print and web design services. I work with businesses big and small on projects from digital to print.

When I’m not designing, you can find this former dancer in down-ward dog, or sipping a chai latte at the local coffee shop. My weekends are spent doing home-improvement projects with my handy husband, Zak, or road tripping in our self-converted Sprinter van.

Contact me through the button below so we can get started building a brand that will win hearts.


Services We Offer

Brand Design

Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Brand Strategy & Messaging

Brand Elements Guide

Web Design

SquareSpace Website Design

Website Strategy & Wireframes

Branding Web Integration

Site Messaging & Visuals

A La Carte

Brand & Product Photography

Copywriting for Web

Social Media Design

Packaging Design

Print & Marketing Collateral

Presentation Templates


Brand Audit/Consultation

Speaking Engagements

Live Brand Workshops

Live Calligraphy Workshops



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