Shelby Made It Business Changes


Where I started

I’ve spent years designing unique, personalized stationery for couples getting married; designing custom lettering signage, table numbers, and scripting guest names on anything from marble tiles to apples. When I considered what I loved most about my work and process, I found that what brought me the most joy was telling a person’s story through visual arts.

Connecting with other creatives

While growing my business, I worked hard to connect with other business owners to learn about their journey, share knowledge, and pass along referrals. Meeting with these amazing and passionate creatives and hearing their stories gave me such joy. However, in many cases, I felt that their online business image and brand didn’t tell the real story of who they really were in person. I felt drawn to help these generous people create brands that would better represent their wholesome personalities. As I’ve undergone my own rebrand, I’ve felt connected with my vision and passion more than ever!

The first clients

Guess who else just went through a rebrand?

One of our first branding clients this year was Chelsea Matson Photography. Chelsea expressed that she would often have meetings with couples only to find out after the meeting they were nowhere near her ideal client. I think we can all relate to that feeling. You’re in a meeting, mid-conversation, and are secretly asking yourself - how did this couple find me? Talk about uncomfortable and disheartening. We both knew she needed to update her branding to better attract those dreamy ideal clients!

We discussed what her ideal business looked like, who she hoped to work with, and the values she wanted to represent. When envisioning the look and feel of her brand, she imagined modern but organic, bubbly and approachable. From this discussion, I was able to develop a visual design board with a color palette and logo that beautifully represents her business and spirited personality.


When going through a rebrand, it’s important not to jump right into the visuals without first considering thoughtful questions that dig deep, and connect us to our vision and impact. There’s a lot of research to do before you start creating mood boards, color palettes, and logos.

My next blog post will walk you through the mindset of rebranding and 10 important questions to ask yourself before you even start a Pinterest board. Plus new a video to go with it!

Shelby Smeltzer