Chelsea Matson Photography Rebrand


One of our first branding clients this year was Chelsea Matson Photography. Chelsea is a wedding and family photographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been photographing as a side hustle for six years and is ready to make the leap and take on this business full-time. With this decision, she wanted to refresh her logo, define her branding, and polish up her overall business look.

She expressed that she would often have meetings with couples only to find out after the meeting they were nowhere near her ideal client. We both knew she needed to nail down her target customer first and then rebrand her business to better attract those dreamy ideal clients.

We started with the core - brand strategy. During our brand strategy discovery meeting, I asked Chelsea many questions to better understand her business and why it’s important to her. My goal was to get at the root of her ‘big why’ and the values she wants to represent through her business. What excites her about photography? Who are the clients she most enjoys working with? What does she want her client to say and feel after working with her?

After many conversations, we came to discover that what she enjoys most is building relationships with clients and she feels it is a privilege to document the history of their love, family, and life. These informed her overarching brand values - Longevity, Low-key, and Honesty. These brand values will help her to better gage which clients were the right fit for her BEFORE scheduling a meeting.

Following this, we identified a brand voice - how she wants her clients to feel before, during and after working with her. In this case, we are really highlighting Chelsea’s personal assets because she is a one-woman-show. We decided on the words Spirited, Straightforward, and Welcoming. These words will act as a reference point to ensure she is creating content and speaking to clients consistently across all touch points and platforms.

Finally, I wrote out three client avatars which act as little stories to remind Chelsea of who her ideal clients are.



After doing the hard work of digging deep into who her ideal client is, her values, mission, and brand voice, then we could dive into the visuals of her brand. I asked her how she envisioned the look and feel of her business. To pair with her personal style, she imagined modern but organic, bubbly and approachable.

From this discussion, I was able to develop a brand board that beautifully represents her business and spirited personality but will also appeal to her ideal client. The brand board includes a primary logo, secondary logo, icon, fonts, and color palette. These elements will be used to create visual consistency throughout her website, marketing collateral, and all social media platforms.


CM Rebrand-14.jpg



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