The Client : Responsive Advisors

Contact : Robert Pieper - CEO

About the Project:

CEO of Responsive Advisors, Robert Pieper, contacted me in 2016 to design a logo and select brand colors and fonts. In 2018, he came to me again to take a deeper dive into clarifying his brand and update the Responsive Advisors website.

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  • Logo & Brand Identity Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design - Presentation Templates


Logo and Identity Design:

First, I created and presented a mood board of inspiration images. We decided to go in a design direction that was simple but unique and strong. I researched competitors of Responsive Advisors. I used a triangle to represent the ‘A’ of advisors and to create an anchor for the mark. the ‘R’ is subtracted from the triangle and creates negative space. I chose teal because true blue is commonly used within corporate settings that are aiming to evoke trust. Responsive Advisors wants to be trusted, of course, but their mission is also to shake things up and do things differently, so the teal color fit perfectly.

desk stationery-mockup.jpg


Brand Strategy: I conducted a brand strategy session with Robb to better understand his customer, his competition, and what his business goals were for the future. Through this session, we discovered that (like many service-based businesses), he was attracting a customer very similar to him. This person has, as Robb puts it, “a polished exterior with a rebellious core”. This person is also typically creative and has artistic hobbies such as music or photography. This discovery revolutionized Robb’s brand image. He now had a clear idea of who he was targeting and the wonderful thing was this rebellious brand image perfectly differentiated him from his suit-wearing, corporate & stuffy competition.



Web Design: Through this project, I had the ability to design the home page and training & events page of the Responsive Advisors website. I designed a static wireframe in Illustrator and then collaborated with the web developer to bring my vision to life. During our strategy session, Robb and I identified his key differentiators and what makes his service better than the rest. When designing the website and organizing the copy, I focused on highlighting these key points as well as expressing in simple bullet points what Responsive Advisors offers and including trust building credentials including testimonials and logos of past clients.

Copywriting: During the process, Robb dropped in my lap all of the current copy from his website. The challenge was sorting through the noise and redundancies and creating clear and concise copy for his website.


Graphic Design: Following the launch of the new website, I was contacted again to create a custom Business Proposal template for Responsive Advisors to send to their clients. This proposal was a complex, 13-page document including a cover letter, detailed explanations of their process, and in-depth case studies. I made the design into a fillable PDF so Robb’s team has the ability to input unique client information for each individual proposal.