A strategic plan for your branding, website, and business




Understand your audience

Clarify your messaging

Identify your mission

Understand your competition


Classic, elegant logos

A defined personality for your brand

Colors, fonts, patterns, & textures

A professional representation


Evokes action and creates sales

Clear layout and messaging

Easy to navigate

Responsive on all devices



Brand Discovery & Strategy Session

Whether you need a logo design, website design, or both, I will conduct a 1-2 hour brand discovery & strategy session to better understand you, your business currently, and where you’d like it to go. This can be in-person or over a video conference.

What is brand strategy?

Brand Strategy is the process of building a strong foundation for your business. It is the solid layer of concrete before building the walls and roof of the house. Your brand will carry with you as your business evolves and perhaps your products/offerings change.


Following our brand strategy session, I will compile all of our findings into a concise PDF. This can be used by you and your employees as your blueprint to building your business and a reference to revisit when making decisions within your business.


In a brand Discovery & strategy session we do the following:

  • Deeply understand the ideal client

    What are your client/customer’s wants and needs? How are you solving that problem? Where are they online? How you are you providing added value to potential and current clients?

  • Identify and research competition

    In order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we need to understand them. This helps us explain to potential customers why they should pick us over the competition and how our service/offering is different and better for them. This is also important so we can choose to be visually similar or different than the competition.

  • Identify positioning within the current market

    Are you a cheaper option? Or most time efficient? Or most qualified? What are your key value points to highlight?

  • Identify brand values & big 'why'

    What is your overarching mission? What do you believe in and stand for? How can you express that through your messaging so your audience can stand by that, too? We will create a clear mission statement and elevator pitch so you and your employees can easily communicate your company’s mission and build relationships.

  • Determine brand voice

    What is the personality of your brand? Is it warm, casual, and inviting? Or formal and professional? Once we understand WHO you are talking to and WHAT you need to say, we can define HOW you say it with messaging. Your brand voice should bring emotion to your content and create verbal consistency across all platforms.




Your visual brand expresses the personality of your business. I take all the information we uncovered from our brand strategy session and pair it with design principles, color theory, and marketing knowledge to design a beautiful and unique brand identity for your business.

Mood Boarding

Before logo design work begins, I create a mood board/style guide with inspiration images and an initial color palette. The approved mood board will then inform the logo and refined branding presentation to follow. This ensures a clear outcome before going forward with a logo presentation.


  • A primary logo, secondary logo, and icon/favicon (All final logo files will be exported for print and web in each brand color)

  • Color palette, fonts, and textures/patterns

  • Design style guide outlining final brand elements to keep consistency throughout all platforms



Squarespace WEBsite DESIGN

Your brand is the concrete foundation of the house, your website is the structured walls. When someone lands on your site, you have five seconds to capture someone’s attention. We need to do that through a beautifully designed website that is easy to understand and navigate. I use the BrandStory framework which uses storytelling and psychology to format a website that evokes action.


Before diving into developing the website live, I will first design wireframe mockups of each of the pages using Figma. Figma is a collaborative platform where you are able to make comments and add text content and images to the wireframe design. This gives us the ability to discuss and make changes to layout, copy and image choices before developing the site.


  • Design of home page and 5 interior pages

  • Branding integration (fonts, colors, textures, patterns, etc.)

  • Responsive design for desktop, tablets, & mobile

  • Custom domain + custom email setup

  • Copywriting and image sourcing services available



Ready to get started?


Click the images below to view some of my past work

Click the images below to view some of my past projects